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      Sensual indulgence with safety!

      Buy online from our diverse collection of condoms for men and women, curated to elevate your intimate experiences, prioritising both protection and comfort.

      Imagine using the kind of condoms that existed decades ago - bulky, thick, pricy, and highly uncomfortable. Nightmare, right? Fortunately, condoms today are much fancier with a wide range of options in sizes, textures, materials, flavours, and whatnot! Now you can even shop for them online discreetly in just a few clicks.

      Condoms for Men vs Condoms for Women

      Condom for men, typically referred to as a male condom, is a penis-shaped, latex (or other material) bag that is worn during sexual intercourse. Female condoms, on the other hand, are inserted in the vagina before the intercourse.

      Both are effective barriers to protect against unwanted pregnancies and STIs (sexually transmitted diseases). Exploring both options is a good start to identifying your and your partner’s preferences. You might also want to have a diverse experience based on your mood during your intimate moments.

      You can elevate your experience by adding some fun with our adult toys. Remember to check out our hampers for couples here.

      Why use Condoms?

      For years, there have been primarily 2 reasons for using condoms:

      1. Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases - have safe sex
      2. Prevent unwanted pregnancies

      Gizmoswala introduces a selection of condoms that offer way beyond their traditional roles:

      1. Flavoured condoms add some taste to your oral sex moments.
      2. Textured condoms may have raised patterns, ribs, or studs to stimulate tactile sensations for both partners, helping you both achieve climax together.
      3. You can use different condoms on different occasions to break the monotony and add suspense to your bedtime stories every time.

      Types of Condoms

      Buying from different types of condoms depends on a combination of various factors as below:

      1. Size - you definitely do not want to wear something that is too tight or too loose. We have condoms in various sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit so you can zone into your moments undistracted.
      2. Texture - While some might be comfortable with a routine experience, many of us are quite adventurous. Textured condoms come in unique patterns and styles to give you a unique sensation and increased stimulation. From ribbed to studded, buy from our varied range confidentally.
      3. Flavour - Love some oral sex? Delight your taste buds with our range of fruity flavours to decadent chocolates.
      4. Thickness - From standard to ultra-thin condoms, choose your pick. If you are someone who prefers a more natural feel, these thinner-than-standard condoms feel as good as a naked penis.
      5. Lubrication - Lubrication makes it easier for the penis to slide and penetrate. These condoms are pre-coated with safe and dermatologically tested lubricants that help reduce friction and are very helpful.
      6. Material - The most commonly used condoms are made from latex. However, those who are allergic to latex can use our range of non-latex condoms that are made from polyurethane, polyisoprene, or lambskin.
      7. Additional Features - As innovative as it gets, we now also have condoms with additional features like:
        1. Spermicidal Condoms that contain spermicides for additional protection against pregnancies
        2. Vibrating Condoms have built-in vibrators or extensions for heightened sensations during intercourse.
        3. Delay Condoms contain a numbing agent, such as benzocaine, to prolong the sexual activity by delaying ejaculation
        4. Gow-in-the-dark condoms to add some newness in your intimate moments.

      How to select the right condom for buying?

      At Gizmoswala, you are spoilt for choice! So many options, yet you just want one that sets the right mood!

      However, there are certain generic guidelines while buying condoms:

      1. Pick the right size for a good fit
      2. Check the expiry date - yes condoms do expire
      3. Make sure the packaging is not damaged
      4. Opt for branded condoms that ensure quality to avoid health issues
      5. Partner’s preference - communicate clearly to understand your partner's requirements and comfort. Remember, pleasure should be mutual

      Some common concerns about condoms

      We understand the common concerns that arise in your minds before purchasing condoms. Our commitment is to ensure you can buy condoms and other sex toys with confidence and confidentiality.

      1. Do you provide discreet shipping and packaging? With, you can shop condoms online confidently. We ensure anonymous purchases with confidential packaging and shipping.
      1. How long will it take to deliver condoms if bought online? We take around 3-4 working days to deliver your condoms securely.
      1. Is it safe to buy condoms online? It is secure and safe to buy condoms online from We have a curated collection of high quality condoms from top brandsCheck out our wide variety of flavours, textures, sizes, and features.
      1. Do condoms help to prevent STDs and HIV? Yes. Condoms are the easiest way to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV.
      1. Are condoms effective in preventing pregnancies? Condoms are the safest and most effective way of preventing pregnancies. However, we do not claim 100% protection under any circumstances.

      Explore our range, find your ideal fit, and jump onto a journey where safety seamlessly intertwines with satisfaction. Keep these tips handy!