Penis Pumps

      If you want to explore your partner deeper, you may need to dive into one of these cylinders first!

      Penis pumps, also known as vacuum pumps, are used to enlarge the penis and maintain erection. It has a cylindrical tube, a pump and a ring.

      You need to fit the plastic tube onto the penis and then pump slightly to create a vacuum. This suction increases the blood flow in the penis resulting in enlarging it.  Once enlarged and erect, fix the ring at the base of the penis to maintain the erection.

      Doctors often recommend the use of these penis pumps for those suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED)

      Types of Penis Pumps

      1. Water or Electric: Penis pumps are broadly of two types - manual and electric. With the same features and functionality, there is only one difference. Manual pumps are hand-operated by squeezing a bulb or trigger. On the other hand, the electric ones are operated on batteries, creating suction at the press of a button.
      2. Air or Water: Air water pumps use air to create suction and vacuum in air penis pumps. Water penis pumps, aka hydro-pumps, are water-based and use water to create suction. It is more gentle and ensures uniform pressure. However, the former two are used more commonly.

      What to Consider While Buying a Penis Pump?

      There are a few key considerations if you are planning to buy a vacuum pump.

      1. Cylinder size: Buy a penis pump that will be comfortable for the length and thickness of your penis. 
      2. Ring size: Make sure the ring that will fit at the base of the penis is of the right diameter to ensure it gives a comfortable fit.
      3. Pressure control: Not all pumps provide the adjustment settings for suction pressure. Make sure you buy a penis pump with customisable settings to adjust your tolerance level.
      4. Material used: Hard plastic pumps may be irritable and inconvenient to use. Select one with a cushioning.
      5. Quality: Always buy high-quality, durable pumps from reliable brands. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the materials used for manufacturing. At Gizmoswala we have a curated collection of branded penis pumps of top-notch quality for your safety.
      6. Easy to use: There are a variety of designs available in vacuum pumps. Get more information and buy one that is convenient to use.
      7. Easy to clean and maintain: It will be used multiple times. So ensure it is easy to clean and has hassle-free maintenance requirements.
      8. Budget: There are a range of penis pumps available in different qualities and styles. Based on your budget, you can select a fancier or a simpler one.

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