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      Buy Sex toys for Women in India 

      Gizmoswala has multiple options for everyone as per their sex toy preferences. Many women today are using the vibrator and enjoying the experience either alone or with a partner. A vibrator for sex can take care of all your sexual pleasure. Vibrators and sex toys in India come in different types and sizes, and it is important to invest in good-quality toys. 

      Gizmoswala provided a wide range of vibrators for women you can check out different types of models and functions available with a variety of colors and sizes and pricing options and most importantly you can check how that is suitable for your body.  


      Why Sex Vibrator?

      Vibrators for women not only boost your sexual health but is also designed for sexual stimulation. using a vibrator for sex with your partner also enhance your relationship with a partner, 

      Different types of sex toy vibrators serve or cater to multiple purposes like clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration, it enhance sexual pleasure. Vibrators are most popular for women and with the OTT platforms in India there is a huge demand for sex toys in India


      What are the Sexual Vibrator Types Available online?

      Sex vibrators are made to make your moment more pleasurable and to make your sexual endeavors a lot more happening, vibrators come in many types, features, intensity, it comes with different purposes like clitoral stimulation, vaginal vibrator, and some vibrator comes with both together.  

      you can also go with G-spot, clitoral vibrator, you must check out, also you can find These are the different levels of vibrations that are pleasurable while with a partner masturbating alone. Nowadays there are multiple OTT Series and Movies, where you can find using vibrators. 

      Sex Vibrators for Beginners?

      Yes, PANTY VIBRATOR WITH REMOTE CONTROL you can start with if you are not sure or comfortable inserting a toy inside the vagina. and then you can choose other toys for penetration there are multiple benefits of stimulating the clitoris before penetration, it takes you on the road towards a heaven orgasm, no need to worry about the quality gizmozwala sell the best quality made products, it has a high quality of silicone, you can also check out clitoral massager and start with bullet vibrator it gives you "Chota packet bada dhamaka effect". 

      What are other types of Sex Vibrators?

      There are different types of vibrators available at gizmoswala 


      Wand Vibrator looks like microphones except for the head, a wand vibrator is a great solution for those who find internal stimulation lacking. 
      it's much more common to orgasm following stimulation of the clitoris, a collection of nerve endings that sit above the vaginal hole,  it is becoming clear in scientific research that few women can orgasm from internal stimulation alone, that dose not mean that orgasm is impossible for women, a fantastic option for women who are just beginning to experiment with vibrating sex toys. 


      at gizmoswala we say it "Chota packet bada dhamaka effect". it is small compact and not much different in appearance from the lipstick in size. it is also best when you want to remain discreet when you want to travel with it. they are small enough to provide ample clitoral stimulations. 


      Every woman have their own preference when it comes to selecting toys, 

      This vibrator is for, For women who are looking for more internal stimulation, there's a range of vibrators meant to be used internally into the vagina. 

      The G-spot is that the internal pleasure zone within the vagina, along the the inside frontal wall. Though it isn't liable for all internal sexual pleasure—there are thousands of nerve endings during a vagina to that—it is a liable for a reasonably large portion of that and is usually crucial for giving women internal orgasms.



      If you're interested in considering play with a partner, then an app-controlled vibrator is the best vibrator you can have, it also works in distance relationship pleasure.

      Your partner then can be in full control of adjusting the tempo of the vibration or starting and stopping your toy altogether works the best for pleasure in the bedroom. Handing over the control of your orgasms can help build bonding and roleplay. 

      5. All in One Vibrator

      All in one vibrator for sex that gets the job done and results in heaven orgasms. at gizmoswala we have a rabbit vibrator is an all-in-one vibrator for females designed to works in and out vaginal stimulation. 
      As sex toys became more popular, companies with became more inventive within the sorts of vibrators and shapes, sizes, and materials which will work best for people's bodies, from personal massagers to app-controlled vibrators and hands-free vibrators to use alone or with a partner.


      How to Use Sex Vibrator?

      Figuring out how to use a vibrator can be a little profuse, particularly when you’re searching for your very first sex toy. 

      Buying a pleasure product for the primary time is an exciting and freeing experience, You are investing in pleasure and yourself, so Set aside the myths, taboos, and guilt about pleasure, and you're able to start the journey of a lifetime.

      If you’re a first-timer, here’s how to use a vibrator for the best ones to start your Adventurous sexy pleasure

      1. Set the mood

      A little ambiance works a long way.

      Plan your sexperience with a date night,  Take a bath, light some candles, and even turn on Relaxation experiencing pleasure, and if your body is prepared, the vibrator is charged, and your mind is at ease, pleasure will come your way.


      2. Make sure your vibrator is charged up

      Nothing kills the mood like a dead battery.

      If Toy is battery-operated, make sure to use fresh batteries, Don't take them out from your remote they aren't strong enough. If it’s a rechargeable vibrator, make sure it’s fully charged. You don't want the disappointment of being so close to orgasm because of battery drain. 

      3. Take time 

      It’s understandable to feel slight performance anxiety, but don't be afraid to go slow and figure out what feels good to you. “This is not a race,” never miss the beauty of the process. 

      4. Explore your body

      Once you have established what feels good, internal-external stimulation, or even both, you are ready to buy your sex toy. You can find all the right materials, but it can be hard to get a perfect sex toy if you don’t know what you like! If you haven’t explored your body and the sensitive point that turn you on, you’ll have some difficulty choosing the right product, 

      5. Variation is a key

      TRY TRY TRY, Most vibrators come with multiple modes and that they might feel Sextra good to you but you’ll only know if you TRY.

      Play around with different Modes positions
      Similar Sex toys may give you a different experiences when you are lying on your stomach versus when you are lying on your back This is your time be creative, and change it every time.

      6. What the real goal?

      Don’t get too stressed about the big Goal. Focus on having a pleasurable moment instead, and remind yourself that there’s no “Perfect” way to do it.

      It’s always a new experience and can take a few times to get used it. Have patience and take your time. The goal is not to have always had an orgasm, the goal is to have pleasure. Do not get discouraged.

      7. Cleaning

      last but not least Keep your vibrators and sex toys clean. You’ve invested in a product and yourself, and it is very important to clean your toy with warm soapy water. 


      What is Perfect Vibrators for Sexual Pleasure?

      It is said that Vibrator is designed for clitoral stimulation, but its not only about stimulation, it your pleasure is in your hand 

      The first thing you need to decide is what type of vibrator you want
      you to need to explore your body how your sensation works? vibrators are godgift for women. 
      There are few types of vibrators like Internal vibrators, external vibrators, combo vibrators, anas vibrators, Penis-focused vibrators. 

      You may also consider if you want one motor or multiple motors. If you’re just starting out, a single motor will do the trick as you discover what exactly you like in your vibrator. 

      Materials are on the top priority get the best you can find the best silicone and  smooth on the skin wand and vibrator at our online sex store

      Important note about silicone toys: Make sure to only use water-based lube on them as silicone bonds with silicone.

      Size is 2nd most important factor when choosing a vibrator or any other sex toy, select a comfortable size suitable for your body type. Check the dimension information in the description.

      keeping all points helps you safe and stress-free sexual pleasure. 


      Safety Tips for women Vibrator

      • Always remember to keep your vibrator as clean as possible
      • Do not share your sex toy. 
      • Always use a condom
      • It is recommended by doctor vibrator shouldn't use more than 5 to 8 min
      • Wash non-vibrating toys in warm and soapy water and wipe battery-operated ones with a wet cloth.
      • Dry your vibrator completely before storing it.


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