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133 products

Buy Sex Vibrators Online for Women in India at gizmoswala SexStore

As per your sex vibrator preferences, gizmoswala has something for everyone. Many women today are fond of indulging in the vibrator experience either alone or with a partner. A vibrator for sex can take care of all your sexual needs and desires. Vibrators in India come in different shapes, sizes and varieties, and it is imperative to invest in a quality vibrating sex toy.  


Every woman's pleasure needs differ. With vibrators for women, you can explore your body and find out what works for you. Different types of models and functions are available in vibrators online.


What is a Vibrator?

A vibrator is a girls sex toy designed for stimulation and arousal, it can be used on erogenous zones as well as on the intimate areas (internally and externally). Different types of sex toy vibrators cater to needs like vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation and more.  


Using vibrators for sex can enhance your relationship with a partner as well as boost your sexual health. The reason female vibrators are so popular is the orgasmic sensation and pleasure that can be felt while using it.


Different Sexual Vibrator Types Available  at Our online Store

Vibrating sex toys come in many varieties with separate features and intensity, choosing one that is perfect for you is key. Sex vibrators are made with the intent to please you and make your sexual endeavours a lot more happening. There are three main types of girl vibrators to pick - clitoral stimulators, vaginal vibrators and one with both functions.  


If you go for a clitoral vibrator or g spot vibrator, you must check out the- ‘Fifty Shades of Grey Vibrating Bullet and the Screaming O Vooom Vibrator’. These are the different levels of vibrations that pleasurable while masturbating or with a partner. Read ahead for in-depth information that could help you make the correct choice  



Beginners Vibrators

As a beginner, you may or may not be comfortable with inserting a foreign object inside the vagina, instead opt for a panty vibrator. Also, there are so many benefits of starting with erogenous zones before jumping to penetration. Stimulating the clitoris is the primary source of pleasure for any woman, it takes you on the road towards a fantastic orgasm. If you’re looking for a beginners vibrator, no need to worry, we have the best beginner’s bullet vibrators for you. These compact yet intense clit massagers are small in size but big in results.


Vagina Insertable Vibrators

Every woman has her own set of preferences when it comes to sex, yes! Your choice in bed matters girls. If what works for you is vaginal penetration and g-spot stimulation, there are many sex vibrator toys to match your needs. Typically, vagina insertable vibrators for sex can be found among dildo vibrators, and remote-controlled egg vibrators. The classic phallus-shaped sex vibrator does wonders for pleasure in the bedroom and the egg-shaped small powerhouse can be used for roleplay. You can wear these girls panty vibrators outside of the bedroom as well, hiding in plain sight, if that is your fantasy.


All in One Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is the most popular kind of vibrator for sex that gets the job done and results in the most intense orgasms. This is an all-in-one vibrator for female designed to provide stimulation inside and outside the vagina. The rabbit vibrator has one attachment that is vagina insertable, the other (usually looks like rabbit ears) is placed in the way of a clit stimulator.  


How to Choose Perfect Vibrators for Sexual Pleasure

Vibrators for sex are a boon for women, with vibrators designed for clitoral stimulation, your pleasure is in your hands now (literally). As a first time buyer, there are few things to look out for and while these depend on preferences, few tips can help you buy the perfect vibrator for sex.  


The very first thing that we recommend you look for is the sound. This is a priority when buying a sex vibrator. Check the noise that a vibrator would make at its highest setting to figure out how comfortable it is for you.  

Size is an important factor when choosing a vibrating dildo, whether you’re a beginner or not, select a comfortable size for yourself. Check the dimension information of the product, i.e.the girth and length.  

Material is the second thing to look for, girl vibrators should not only be smooth on the skin but also made of safe materials. Sex vibrators are also used for stimulating erogenous zones on the body, ensure that only the safest and good quality materials are coming in contact with your intimates.

Select your choice of vibrators for sex from a clitoral vibrator or remote vibrator, depending on the kind of sex you’d like to indulge in.  

Some vibrators have basic on/off functions, while others come with levels of intensities to choose from. Low and high vibrations both have their advantages, which is why you should keep the settings/functions in mind when shopping for your sex vibrator.  

Battery-powered vibrators require a certain kind of battery to be inserted and changed timely to ensure the best performance. Rechargeable vibrators simply require the product to be plugged in from time to time. You can select which one suits your best before making a purchase.  


How to Use Vibrator Sex Toy?

If you are a first-time sex toy user, researching about the product can be very helpful, you can read about its functions online or watch videos of the same brand product for better understanding.


First things first, clean the sex vibrator thoroughly before use. It is recommended to wash your vibrator before and after every use.

There are so many vibrators uses, one of them is foreplay. It helps to engage in lovemaking once you’re all hot and horny, and using a woman vibrator can easily get you there. Use this dynamic tool on your/your partner’s erogenous zones like nipples, inner thigh, neck etc to get in the mood before using your vibrator for penetration.  

Lube up well with a vibrator compatible sex lubricant. A water-based lube goes well with most sex vibrators.  

Most vibrators for females come with many speed settings to choose from. The best way to find out what your vibrator can do for you is to start at the lowest setting and make your way to the highest one slowly.  


Safety Tips While Using Vibrator for Woman

Keep your sexual vibrator as clean as possible at all times.

Avoid sharing your sex toy with a partner or a friend.

Always use a condom with your vibrator.

Use vagina vibrator for a limited time only, max 5-8 minutes at a go.

If you use the same vibrating toy for vaginal and anal penetration, change the condom before the switch.  

Wash non-vibrating toys in running water and wipe battery-operated ones with a damp cloth.

Ensure all your ladies vibrators are completely dry before storing them.


Get Discreet and Faster Delivery of Sexual Vibrator in 2-5 Business Days

We provide sex vibrator with discreet packaging & fast shipping in office-friendly packages. Get your choice of woman vibrator delivered to your doorstep Same day In Mumbai or within 2-5 days across India. Shopping for online vibrators in India is made easy with the wide collection available at gizmoswala