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      Massage Oils and Lotions

      When romance gets a little… creaky, it is time to oil it back to good health. So, let us smooth things up, shall we?

      FriYay plan readymade for you– Imagine gliding hands, enticing aromas, and an all-relaxing feeling, with your partner. Achieve relaxation, sensuality, and a whole lot of smooth moves, in the comfort of your home (or couch). The magic of couple massage oils and lotions is here at your rescue!

      5 Creative Ways to Use Massage Oils and Lotions for Foreplay

      These ways will transform the next intimate session with your partner into a full-blown sensory adventure. Choose one (or all) that excites you.

      1. Themed Massages: Indulge in flavours, and delightful aromas and transport yourself to a beach paradise or on a relaxing adventure. What about using some coconut oil or plumeria-scented lotion? Or, cocoa butter massage oil while indulging your partner’s sweet tooth with decadent chocolate-covered strawberries! Add music that suits the theme to stay in the moment… for hours.
      2. Sensory Adventure: Focus on touch and pressure for that heightened sensory experience by blindfolding your partner or adding a playful touch with feather tickling before applying the massage oil. Engage each other's fetish and have fun with props.
      3. Warm Stone Therapy: Your partner will love this spa-like feel at home! Wrap smooth, warm stones in a towel, add them to your massage routine, and see your partner getting super relaxed. Anything you do after this will surely make them very present in the moment.
      4. Take turns giving each other a massage. Connect. Know their pressure and pleasure points. Whisper sweet nothings into their ear while you are at it. Communication is essential to know whether or not your hands and body are doing the ‘right thing’. The more you communicate, the better your experience will be. 
      5. Slow down: Ditch the rushed, tired routines. Instead try slow, long strokes throughout the body. Bring in that touch of playful indulgence to get to a steamy foreplay that you will thank us for later!

      Relax and Have Fun! Don't get too caught up in following a script. The most important thing is to enjoy the experience together.

      Benefits of Using Massage Oils

      1. Reduces muscle tension and promotes relaxation: The act of massaging using slow, long strokes with essential oils that have aromatherapy benefits, such as lavender or chamomile, promote a feeling of calm.
      2. Improved skin health: Massage oils help to improve circulation that helps improve skin health.
      3. Enhanced sensory experience: Massage oils heightens the sensory experience in the body and the mind, increasing the level of stimulation to get the sparks flowing for hours at end.
      4. The deep connection between partners that leads to a steamy sexual experience is beyond pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

      Dear Lovebirds, cuddling, kissing, champagne, and oysters are great but remember a little oil goes a long way, to turn your tired, old routine into a secret weapon that your relationship's been missing (wink wink).

      So, ditch the dull and embrace the dare! Your love life along with your skin will thank you. Buy these premium massage oils and lotions from Gizmoswala with discreet shopping and shipping experience.