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      Edible Sex Toys and Accessories

      Imagine a candy bra or a g-string on your partner. Now think about ‘eating’ instead of ‘taking’ it off your partner, leading to a tasty escapade in the bedroom. How? We are talking about edible sex accessories to spice up your night with some sweetness.

      The idea of putting sex and food together may make some people a tad bit squeamish. Despite this, since the ‘60s, the edible sex accessory industry has manufactured a gamut of products that integrate the two as a means for laughs and increased intimacy between partners. Eating and sex are both necessary activities that we humans have managed to find pleasure in. Oral sex edibles bring these two together and can add a lot of fun to your otherwise regular nights.

      Is it Worth Trying Oral Sex Edibles?

      100% yes, even if it’s just for laughs.

      Edible sex toys as food titillate both the libido and your taste buds at once. It’s a great foreplay that can set a playful mood and take the pressure off of having sex. This is sure to increase intimacy. Lickable body products are the most common edible sex treats there are. So, get the fun going in the bedroom with fruity, edible lubricants. Or, naughty-shaped lollipops for the next bachelorette party that you plan.

      How to use edible toys

      Edible body products will not only bring that extra sweetness into your relationship with increased gratification of the senses but also provide a space to laugh out loud while doing something that might make both of you feel a bit uncomfortable.

      • Give into the guilty pleasure. Spread it. Lick it. Eat it off each other.
      • Since it’s meant for consumption, there could be a concern with purity. Make sure that the quality of the ingredients used in the product is good.
      • Check for allergies beforehand. If undies made of sweet things don’t work for you try boob-shaped pasta instead.
      • Get creative. Using edible accessories in bed will require you to bring out the poet in you and get inventive to get the most out of the experience.
      • Putting a few drops of flavoured oil on your lips beforehand will lead to a kissing session you will remember for a long time.
      • Edible body products are not everyone’s cup of tea. Be sure to communicate with your partner to check their comfort level when integrating food and sex.

      Dive into the realms of desire and fun. Get ready to turn your bedroom adventures into a delicious affair.

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