Tips for using condoms safely

Tips for using condoms safely 

Condoms as is the case with all contraception are only effective when used correctly. Always check the condom’s expiration date and inspect the packaging to form sure there are not any holes or tears. Store them faraway from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.



When employing a condom, one must follow these basic safety steps:

Always check the packaging for the date and tears if any. Open the package carefully, do not use sharp instruments, including teeth. Put the condom on only after the penis becomes erect, but before it comes in touch with the vagina or anus. Pinch the tip before unrolling the condom over a Penis. Use water-based lubrication on the surface of the condom to stop any  tearing of the condom  or the condom from slipping off. Grip the bottom of the condom after ejaculation and takeit  away from the vagina or anus before the penis becomes flaccid. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it out after use. Always use a replacement condom for every sexual desire.


For female condoms, follow these additional steps:

Enter the penis into the opening of the condom. Pinch the opening together when removing condom from the anus or vagina. What to try to do if a condom breaks condom breaks during intercourse, stop immediately, and take away the broken condom. If there's any risk of an STI, people should see their doctor, as soon as possible. The doctor will do a sexual health screening and advise about the way to search for signs of STIs if required. If people are worried about Unwanted pregnancy, there are emergency contraception options available from doctors, sexual health clinics, or over-the-counter at a pharmacy. People can choose from emergency contraception pills or an IUD (IUD). These can help prevent unwanted pregnancy when used early if a condom breaks (we recommend you speak to a gynecologist first before taking any pills). The earlier an individual takes emergency contraception, the simpler it is.

 We strongly recommend a Condom for Safe Sex !!