Discreet Delivery

We at Gizmoswala.com respect each individuals right to privacy and treat it with prime importance , especially because we deal in products that are extremely personal in nature and every customer might not want to reveal what they are purchasing and we totally respect individual opinions and choices.

We also believe that today’s Indian is constantly thriving to improve their sexual experience and is willing to experiment with new products to do so. He or She has should be able to do so without the fear of being judged or scrutinised and without any embarrassment.

To ensure confidentiality is maintained we use:
- Unmarked, unbranded boxes for delivery.
- The products are packed in a tamper proof plastic bag
- The delivery personnel does not have any knowledge of what exact products are inside the parcel.
- We don't use the name Gizmoswala in our return address, instead we use our corporate name N.M. Gaadlawala Pvt. Ltd. Even your credit card statements will have the latter mentioned as the merchant name.
- You can find out more about our discreet delivery by browsing through our ‘Privacy Policy’.
We take our policies very seriously and discreet delivery is something that we are very particular about as a company .