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      Specially Abled


      Humans have sex with themselves and others for lots of different reasons including pleasure, sharing love, and building intimacy. it is a myth that Sex is only to make babies.

      The ability of persons with disabilities to engage in sexual activity can be significantly compromised by a motor (i.e. movement of limbs), sensory (i.e. touch and temperature sensations), and autonomic (i.e. blood pressure regulation) dysfunctions


      The sexual health concerns of persons with disabilities need to be taken into account and addressed. Compared to other rehabilitative specialties, little research on sexual rehabilitation is available. Anderson (2004) surveyed hundreds of individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) to assess what priorities would most impact their quality of life. For persons with quadriplegia, she found that regaining arm and hand function was most important, and regaining sexual function was their second-highest priority. Regaining sexual function was the highest priority for people with paraplegia. A recent study has also linked hand impairment with reduced sexual satisfaction in persons with SCI (Burke et al., 2007). Unfortunately, since rehabilitation clinicians infrequently address sexual issues with their clients (Krassioukov et al., in preparation), studies such as these underline the urgent need to address sexual issues in clinical settings.

      People in wheelchairs don’t have sex.
      Wrong! They remain sexual beings.

      We at Gizmoswala, believe Disability doesn’t stop desire
      For some reason, people view sex toys as a bit naughty, a kink, and something that we must not talk about. But the truth is that everyone should have at least one sex toy and, for disabled people, they are a game-changer.

      “Thereis nothing you can’t do, if you set your mind to it. Anythingis possible.”


      Realistic penetration device Made with Real Feel Superskin, also known as cyberskin (non-allergenic, no latex, no silicone) Easy to grip with one or two hands Discreet option that comes with a screw-on lid No batteries or plug-in required