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      Sex Toys of Men

      It won’t come as a surprise to many of you if we tell you that the majority of men have never experimented with a sex toy. In the process, they have lost out on the pleasures that using a male sex toy brings. One might wonder why that is the case. Unfortunately, it largely comes from a societal stigma surrounding adult toys.

      We are here to help men gain an understanding of all that sex toys have to offer. So, dear men, don’t miss out. Read on to find out about the benefits of using sex toys and choose from a wide variety of stuff for you to try.

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      Benefits of Sex Toys for Men

      There are numerous benefits of sex toys for men. Some are mentioned here:

      • Expands knowledge of sex.
      • Sex toys make things easier and faster for men.
      • It leads to practising self-pleasure and positive stimulation.
      • Those who masturbate more frequently have better physical and mental health. It helps ward off infections and easier time falling asleep. Sex toys can help with this.
      • Enhanced sexual self-confidence leads to improved sexual experiences with better erectile function, better orgasmic function, more intercourse satisfaction, and more sexual desire.

      Types of Sex Toys for Men

      There are plenty of sex toys out there! These toys can be used for both solo and partnered sexual activities.

      Let’s jump into the interesting world of male sex toys.

      • Masturbation sleeves and strokers. These toys surround the penis with a rubbery material and imitate the sensations of penetrative sex. They are sold in various shapes and sizes. Use a generous amount of lubricant when using them.
      • Cock rings hold blood in the penis which makes an erection feel harder and for a longer period. Try not to wear one for longer than 20 minutes to avoid tissue damage in the genitals. It also may be a good idea to shave or trim your pubic hair to avoid any discomfort.
      • Prostate massagers or stimulators give intense pleasure from stimulation of the prostate. Both butt plugs and dildos are well-known for providing prostate stimulation. In any sex involving the anus, using generous amounts of lube to reduce friction is highly recommended.
      • Penis pumps perform the same function as cock rings. They are often used in combination with cock rings. Some people also find the suction pleasurable. When buying a penis pump, consider one with a vacuum limiter as this stops pressure from getting too high and causing possible injuries.
      • Vibrators are commonly used on either the genitalia or the anus and can be found in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes with different speeds and intensities.

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      How to Choose a Sex Toy

      It could feel intimidating to choose and buy your first sex toy. Here are a few ways that might make the process easier for you.

      • Research well: There is a wealth of knowledge available online about sex toys and their usage. Spend some time reading about them along with people’s experiences of using them before making a purchase.
      • Use good quality material for a pleasurable experience. Read this blog to apprise yourself about the ill effects of using sex toys made from low-quality material.
      • Shop Online: If you don’t feel comfortable shopping for a sex toy at a physical store, shop online from the comfort of your home. Avail the discreet packaging and shipping when you shop online at Gizmoswala.
      • Start Simple: There are endless options of gadgets out there. If you are new to the world of sex toys, just start with something simple. Upgrade to the more intricate gizmos based on your or your partner’s preferences.

      No matter when or why you choose your first sex toy, we have a feeling that you will pick it up again and again and again. Also check out this list of sex toys for men.