Masturbation during your period has significant health benefits

Masturbation during your period has significant health benefits

When you're on your period, the only things you want to treat yourself to are Advil, Netflix, cozy lounge pants, and massive containers of ice cream. But you're skipping if you've not already given yourself some physical self-love when menstruating.

If you take a minute to consider it, your period is a fantastic time to masturbate. It may reduce cramping, and that is only one of the advantages. (To be honest, masturbating when not on your period has certain health and stress-relieving advantages as well.) So there's almost no excuse not to be masturbating.

Keep reading to find out why you should spend some time alone during your period and how to do so with minimal hassle and maximum satisfaction.

What are the advantages of masturbating during your period?

According to Sonia Bahlani, MD, a gynecologist and pelvic pain expert in New York City, masturbation, in general, enhances the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are connected with pleasure and reduced stress.

She adds that after you orgasm, your body releases the chemicals prolactin and oxytocin, both of which might help you sleep better. Ultimately, you should feel very at ease after that. "Oxytocin, in particular, is considered to reduce cortisol—the stress hormone—levels during orgasm, giving you a sensation of comfort," explains Dr. Bahlani.

There are other advantages to masturbating during your period. For one thing, it may feel good. "There is elevated blood flow to the genitals, maybe even to the clitoris, which leads to heightened sensitivity and pleasure," Dr. Bahlani explains. Menstrual blood is also an innate lubricant, which will come in handy if you're using sex toys during your period, she notes (yet another reason to have sex while on your period).

Or what if you can avoid taking Advil for a while? Orgasms may also reduce menstrual cramps. In addition, an orgasm causes the release of oxytocin, a natural painkiller that can alleviate severe period cramps.

You may also feel happier throughout your period. Per the University of Chicago studies, there is a six-day period throughout your monthly cycle when you may feel extremely horny. That time frame corresponds with your actual period. The "sexual phase" begins three days prior to the luteinizing hormone, which causes ovulation, and increases during your menstruation. Women experiencing this cycle in a University of Chicago research were not only more sexually active during their periods, but they also had stronger sexual desires. While sex drive was "more intense in women with frequent sexual partners," it was also felt by single women, who also reported feeling "less sad at the time."

According to Dr. Bahlani, your libido may feel higher during your period due to slightly increased levels of sex drive-enhancing testosterone running through your blood. "Many people also believe that there is a subliminal psychological aspect at work that enhances sex drive—you might be more receptive to sex during your period since you're less likely to become pregnant," she adds. In any case, if you're feeling horny, soothing that ache with masturbation could feel much better.

So, how should you masturbate during your period?

Masturbating during your period may be OK in terms of mess and post-sesh cleaning, based on your discharge level. Suppose you bleed a lot and want to make as little fuss as possible. In that case, Dr. Bahlani suggests wearing a tampon or a menstrual cup and concentrating on clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal stimulation. If you like penetration, you may always perform in the tub or shower to reduce clean-up.

When it comes to utilizing a toy, you can still do so—Dr. Bahlani recommends silicone sex toys for use during your period since they are simpler to clean. However, if it's a lighter day and you're not receiving natural lube from your period, she suggests using a little amount of silicone-based lubricant for the devices. Most silicone-based toys may be cleaned with soap and water (or a sex toy cleaner if you have it available) and will be as clean as a whistle the next time you bring them out of your drawer.


Use of a vibrator: Is It Healthy?

Introducing a vibrator into the bedroom may improve your sex life, strengthen your relationship, and other benefits.

Are you interested in utilizing a vibrator? You're not the only one. Many ladies use vibrators to get the big O. According to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in July 2009, 53 percent of women aged 18 to 60 had used a vibrator, with one-quarter having used one in the previous month. Furthermore, individuals who often used a vibrator were more quickly stimulated and able to get lubricated and reach an orgasm effectively.

So, should you get yourself a vibrator? Definitely. Here are some reasons why it's beneficial and tips for using it both by yourself and with a lover.

Why Using a Vibrator Is Good for You

There are several advantages to utilizing the battery-powered gadget. According to Kristin Zeising, PsyD, a psychologist and sex therapist in San Diego, if you decide to do it alone, you may find out what makes you feel attracted to someone without feeling under any pressure or having expectations from your partner. She advises trying it out all over your body to find erogenous areas you might be unaware of. Knowing what feels nice will enable you to provide your partner with greater direction and enhance the sexual experience.

Additionally, adding a vibrator to your sexual arsenal might strengthen your relationship with your partner. According to Zeising, "Anything that increases the enjoyment in your sex life will benefit your relationship." Additionally, discussing sex toys with your spouse helps improve communication in general.

The Best Way to Introduce a Vibrator into the Bedroom

Do you believe your partner will object to using a vibrator? Guess again. A different study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in July 2009 found that 45% of males had used a vibrator, and the majority of them indicated they did it with a female partner. Additionally, males who used vibrators had improved erectile function and reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction than guys who did not.

How, then, can you broach the subject with your partner? Zeising advises bringing it up as a method to extend the enjoyment you're presently experiencing. Assure your lover that it has nothing to do with his ability if you want to utilize a vibrator. Zeising advises saying that the vibrator is merely a tool to aid you in your journey and that it is he who turns you on. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to use it during every sexual interaction.


When you're both prepared, go vibrator browsing together to choose a model that suits both of you. Zeising advises experimenting with it to see what feels nice. Use it on each other or yourself, and don't hesitate to let your companion take the initiative.







































Research: Vibrators Are Beneficial for Women

According to research, vibrators may be good for women's health, raising the issue of whether it's time for doctors to start recommending the devices as therapies.

Vibrators and other sex toys are still controversial for many people, but the stigma attached to their usage is starting to lessen.

However, studies have shown that using them could have a number of health advantages.

Dr. Alexandra Dubinskaya, the study's primary author from Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, and her associates evaluated the material on this subject at the time of writing. The findings of this inquiry were presented on Friday at the New Orleans 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association.

As a urogynecologist, Dubinskaya told Newsweek, "I spend my time talking with women about their genital and sexual health." However, it is frequently reported that no medical expert has asked them about their sex lives or their experiences with solitary sex.

"Masturbation and vibrators have a bad reputation. However, the saying "if you don't utilize it, you lose it" is widely accepted and applicable to various body parts, "She spoke. "This idea has not, however, been utilized concerning sexual, genitourinary, or pelvic floor health. Therefore, I wrote the literature study because I wanted to understand more about this subject."

The review's objective was to examine how vibrator use affected vulvar discomfort, pelvic floor dysfunction, and sexual function.

Dubinskaya and associates searched for papers on this subject that used specific terms, such as "vibrator" or "sex toy," in a comprehensive review of different medical databases.

The researchers found a total of 558 publications with pertinent keywords before reducing this to 21 papers that satisfied all their requirements for the problems they intended to investigate.

The very few studies that were published on the usage of vibrators and their impact on vulvar discomfort, sexual function, and pelvic floor health, as per Dubinskaya, revealed that women had a "generally good attitude" toward using vibrators and accepted getting them from doctors.

Additionally, the research demonstrated that using a vibrator had a "good effect" on several aspects of women's health, such as reductions in vulvar discomfort, enhancements in pelvic floor muscle strength, and reductions in urine incontinence.

Dubinskaya stated, "I was happy to learn there is research on this issue. "The results don't surprise me at all. I believe there are many more advantages to vibrator use that we are probably unaware of now."

According to Dubinskaya's research, using a vibrator has a good impact on every phase of the sexual response cycle.

Vibrators shorten the time it takes to experience an orgasm, enabling several orgasms and lessening sex-related discomfort. "Positive sexual experiences inspire women to participate in sexual activity in the future, according to female sexual medicine. It follows that vibrators can increase a woman's desire for sex by making sex in a coupled or solitary relationship simple to achieve."

Dubinskaya said that vibrators are not well-studied and that their advantages or possible negatives have not been thoroughly investigated despite the availability of the scientific literature included in the evaluation and the absence of any significant issues associated with their usage.

Additionally, it is unknown whether various vibrator kinds have distinct impacts on health.

"The kind, tempo, and strength of vibration vary amongst various vibrators. Additionally, they differ in how they are applied: vaginally vs. externally," explained Dubinskaya. "The exact advantage of certain design aspects "would be [better] recognized if additional research is undertaken."

To help comprehend their impacts on sexual health, the experts are now urging additional in-depth study.

According to scientists, vibrators may even one day be recommended to women by medical practitioners for the treatment of specific conditions. For example, for things like pelvic floor disorder, where muscles or connective tissues of the pelvic area diminish or are damaged, sex devices could offer health benefits.

Medical professionals need more in-depth training on women's sexual health and vibrators, according to Dubinskaya. This is especially true for gynecology, urology, female pelvic medicine, and reconstructive surgery professionals. "I think all of this is feasible because the conversation around female sexual health has become more mainstream recently."









Mistakes to avoid when masturbating and how to do it properly to enhance your health


Here are some typical masturbation blunders to avoid:

Whether it is acknowledged aloud or not, humans masturbate to enjoy their sexuality. Many people occasionally indulge in some solitary play to enhance their sense of pleasure and feel fantastic. However, did you also know that in addition to satisfaction, the act has several positive effects on your health?  In addition to providing pleasure, masturbation may help you relax, get a better night's sleep, and alleviate sexual tension. However, despite years of thorough, practical knowledge, many things may go poorly that could reduce the positive effects of the self-love session and prevent your pleasure gauge from rising. Here, we'll discuss several typical errors that both men and women make when masturbating and how to fix them.

Set the Tone

Masturbation is all about having a private session and finding satisfaction. It is only possible if you create the right environment before beginning. Masturbation, like sex, takes time and requires perfect planning to attain the peak of pleasure. If you speed through it, you won't feel the exhilaration. It is, therefore, essential to organize your masturbating activity. To establish the mood, turn out the light, watch an erotic film, relax, apply perfume, and fantasize.

Find the best position

We all have a preferred masturbation position that makes us feel more erotic. However, following a plan is not required. Experimenting may be enjoyable and might help you better understand your desires. Try alternate postures instead of the standard session to add some spice. For example, you may experiment with leaning, standing against the table, and sitting up to see how it feels and learn what you enjoy. It will enable you to offer your companion better directions throughout the lovemaking experience.

Build to climax slowly

The goal of solo masturbation is not just to reach the peak or orgasm. It is all about having fun and practicing self-love. So, take your time and discover what makes you happy. Changing your hands, pace, and stroking ways might help you figure out what turns you on and leads to a better orgasm. Not every play session is about achieving a climax, nor is it always about orgasm.

Try different erogenous zones

Masturbation provides plenty of time for experimentation, which is the primary motivation for engaging in a self-love session. Rather than concentrating just on your vagina or penis, investigate alternative erogenous zones. Touch your neck, shoulders, testicles, lips, mouth, nipples, and other regions to boost your sensation of pleasure and contentment.

Experiment with a toy

Get a sex toy if you want to love your alone time. It is basic advice for men and women alike. Several gadgets on the market may add a lot of pleasure to a private session. Vibrators, lubes, automated strokers, prostate stimulators, dildos, and other devices are available for testing. Do not be afraid to use sex toys because they are safe and provide a great climax.

Be gentle with your genitals

The act of masturbation is one of pleasure seeking. It cannot be hurried or completed in a short time. You need to be good to yourself if you want to reap the advantages. Compared to rough play, the feather-soft touch intensifies and prolongs the sensation of pleasure. Additionally, it is not necessary to masturbate three times each day or every day. If you masturbate twice or three times a week, it is OK. You are in control. To ensure you receive the full advantages, though, do it right.



12 Tips for Solo Masturbation with a Penis

  • Set the stage
  • Consider different positions
  • Slow down
  • Techniques using your hands
  • Hip motion
  • Stroking Methods
  • Touch this
  • Experiment with different things
  • Find the male G-spot
  • Consider edging
  • Adult toys
  • Erotic Entertainment
  • Key Message


It's beneficial to your health

Nobody will contest the benefits of exercise for the body and the mind. Your body produces endorphins when you exercise, which might result in pleasant feelings. What else, though, can lift your spirits? Try playing with yourself for a while.

Yes, masturbation is a healthy and safe technique to not only get sexy but also to reduce stress, get a better night's sleep, and let out any pent-up sexual tension. In truth, playing alone offers several health advantages and utterly no drawbacks. It's also a lot of fun!

Continue reading to learn more about masturbating with a penis, how to get started, and how to spice up your upcoming solitary session.

1. Set the stage

It's not necessary to masturbate quickly in the restroom! Just as you would with anything else, you can schedule some great "me time" by planning your alone time.

By dimming the lights, playing your favorite sensual film, slowly teasing yourself, and being calm and in the moment, you may make masturbation more enjoyable.

2. Try other positions

There's no necessity to repeat yourself when masturbating. So, spice things up by changing positions.

If you're always on your feet, consider resting against a counter or the wall with your hips pulled forward. If you're always lying down, consider sitting up in a chair or on your bed. You could even try it on all fours.

Various postures produce different feelings, which may lead to greater happiness.

3. Be patient

Masturbation doesn't have to be quick unless that's your thing. Allow yourself to slow down and discover what makes you happy. Throughout a private session, you can experiment with pace, strokes, postures, hands, toys, and other things.

Take your time to figure out what turns you on and could result in a more incredible orgasm.

4. Change hands

Changing hands, like changing position, can result in various experiences, including intense orgasms. Masturbating with your non-dominant hand may allow you to expand your pleasure zone.

Or, if you're feeling very daring, you might try "The Stranger" — you know, the technique where you sit on your hand 'til it falls asleep and then use it to replicate the sensation of someone giving you a hand job? Everyone has attempted it at least once.

Do you want to try something a little more daring? Hold your penis against your stomach and swiftly stroke the bottom of your shaft with your non-dominant hand.

5. Different hip motions

It's understandable to neglect to move your hips when masturbating. And besides, you're not performing with a partner. But did you guys know that thrusting might improve intensity and pleasure? Yeah!

When you're playing alone, move your hips in a circle, back-and-forth, or whatever seems natural to you. Then, as you come closer to the climax, increase the speed.

Keep in mind that masturbation does not have to be the same every single time!

6. Experiment with new strokes

Moving your hand up and down is a tried-and-true masturbation method that nearly always results in an orgasm for those with a penis. But why make solo play repetitive? Instead, experiment with various movements to achieve a more intense sensation.

Long, twirling strokes from base to tip are possible. With a full-hand grasp, you may palm and tug at your penis head while masturbating. The typical three-finger grip might also benefit from some rubbing.

Simply experiment with different stroking methods to discover the one that feels the most enjoyable to you.

7. Don't only concentrate on the penis.

There's more to your genitals than simply your penis, so pamper the rest! Why restrict yourself during a solo session if you enjoy it when your partner plays with your testicles, shaft, and groin area?

For instance, your testicles have nearly as many nerve fibers as your penis. Consider tugging down on your balls shortly before you climax to increase the intensity of your enjoyment.

You may also rub or play with your taint to produce powerful feelings. And, during it all, remember to stroke your entire shaft to truly ramp up to that "Big O."

8. Try more erogenous zones

Do you want a fantastic full-body climax? Then find your erogenous zones! Playing with your erogenous zones, which include your ears, nipples, neck, mouth, and lips, may send pleasure shocks through your body.

You may heighten your orgasm by rubbing, pinching, pulling, squeezing, or tugging at certain regions of your body during an exceptionally randy solitary session! Don't be afraid to test different techniques to find out what makes you happy.

9. Don't overlook the prostate!

Your prostate, sometimes known as the "male G-spot," is your fast track to an intense, all-encompassing sensation. Therefore, if you haven't tried it yet, now is the time.

Begin by softly rubbing the outside and inside of your anal orifice with one finger, then slowly insert your finger to stimulate your prostate. As the pleasure builds, increase the pace and motion until you're ready to orgasm.

Maybe using your finger isn't your thing, but there are toys you may experiment with. Don't be frightened to try new things. Anal sex toys are now available for purchase.

10. Experiment with edging

Do you want to extend your play date? Include the start-and-stop technique in your next solo practice. Orgasm control, often known as "edging," prolongs and intensifies the pleasure for a more intense encounter.

Experiment by stroking your penis all the way up to the verge of ejaculation, then stopping entirely. Slowly resume masturbation, increasing pace until you're ready to orgasm, then retract. Repeat this method as many times as you desire.

11. Include a toy or two

Various gadgets are available for individuals with penises that may add a lot of enjoyment to a single encounter.

The most popular selections are:

  • anal beads
  • Fleshlights
  • pocket strokers
  • prostate stimulators
  • the automatic stroker

If you want to increase your orgasm, think about adding a toy — or two! — during private play. Look for what you enjoy on the internet.

12. There are alternatives to video porn

Certainly, everyone enjoys a good sensual film, but that's not the only kind of erotica available. Consider altering your video viewing habits! Reading or listening to erotica is enjoyable and allows you to indulge in your desires in a safe and seductive environment.

Check out for some enticing sexy fiction. Do you want some audio erotica? Then go to If you like movies, bypass the tube sites and pay for your porn. You'd be astonished at the kinds of fantasies that lurk beyond.

The key message

Exploring your desires and learning what makes you feel good through masturbation is a healthy, natural method. Additionally, solitary play has numerous positive health effects, including reduced stress, improved mood, better nighttime sleep, and sexual release.

Frankly, you should spend as much time alone with your body as you desire.

Of course, it's OK if you've never masturbated before. Just know that there is not a right or wrong way to masturbate, so take your time discovering all the elements in your body that make you feel attracted to it.

Play around with different trends, tools, and methods. Enjoy every moment and do everything it takes to be comfortable.