Unusual and Unbelievable Flavors of Condoms for the First Time Ever!

Unusual and Unbelievable Flavors of Condoms for the First Time Ever!


There's a thrill in getting what you want. Choice...sure is a luxury. In the modern lives that we lead, we prefer to always decide what to eat, what to read or what to wear. When in the end everything falls upon us to decide, why must we shy away from the most intimate wear then? How exactly do you pick condoms? Do you just see the pack and toss it in your shopping cart? No...you crave variety. We know you do. And that is what we strive to give you here, at Gizmoswala.com. We bring to you 20 varieties of condoms from across 8 trusted brands. So, get ready for your mind to boggle as we deliver at your doorsteps condoms like never before! From lollipop flavored condoms to neon condoms, take part in the thrill of choosing the most intimate wear for your own satisfaction.

Condoms are a huge part of our life. They are designed not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies but also to help prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). And with our range of condoms, it is not just responsible but also fun wearing them than to not wear them and take a big life threatening risk. We provide a collection that would make you want to experiment with each and every type of condoms while indulging in sexual habits. And we offer our varieties not just to men and women, but also to the LGBTQ community. Think about it for a moment...a condom that glows. How fun would it be playing treasure hunt in a dark room? And here the treasure is you: protected...and highlighted!

To name a few variations, Gizmoswala.com supplies to you condoms flavoring grape, marshmallow, bubble gum, banana split, pina colada, raspberry, melon, cola, strawberry and vanilla, just to name a few. The types include regular, thin, dotted or studded. Straight walled, lubricated or transparent latex, which one do you prefer? Try them all for yourself! With the variety that Gizmoswala.com delivers, you will need all the time you can spare to go over all these types and flavors! To add to the range of collections coming from Germany, Amsterdam, Italy, Australia, USA, UK, Paris and even Finland, we now have the widest variety of condoms based on its uses: Liquored condoms, Vegan Condoms, LGBTQ Condoms, Black Condoms is where you can think of starting.

Let's sort some of it out for you to choose from!

Assorted Collections:
Apart from the Mix Flavored Condoms Pack, Gizmoswala.com has a wide range of assorted condoms such as the Transparent condoms with non alcoholic liquored flavors: Orange Triple Sec, Irish Cream and Cognac. And not just that, you have the option to order products from ONE Foundation (Global Ethics) which conducts, with a primary focus on youth, HIV awareness projects in developing countries like Africa. The One Foundation has chosen us to be one of the distributors to merchandise one of their wonder products, the Mix of 3 Super Thin, Ribbed and Glow in the Dark condoms, especially for you.

Special Selections:
How about a condom in a round foil with colors of the Rainbow Flag? There might be one pride month but here we celebrate the uniqueness of LGBTQ all year long! Gizmoswala.com is also happy to present to you Europe's first CE tested glow in the dark condoms! These glow in the dark condoms are straight walled with a reservoir tip and are silicone lubricant. (But remember that in order to get these condoms to glow you need to expose them to light for about 30 seconds.) Or go for a condom with cooling lubricant. It's all for you and it's right here! Our Special Selections also includes the vegan condoms or the veganistic condoms of Glyder which are “Vegan Friendly” and they prove authentication with The Vegan Society trademark.

For Lavish Personal Use or Gifting Purposes:
Lollipop Quirky Condoms with a Stick stands wonderful for gifting purposes. Besides, we have a series of mix design Hand Painted condoms coming straight from Amsterdam with shapes including different animals.

Other interesting variants that we provide are the slightly ribbed Pink condoms with sweet marshmallow flavour. Or the Little bag of condoms with 7 lubricated condoms, roomier at the top for more feeling. Also the Lubricated Coloured (scented) condoms. Not to forget the Pink lubricated condoms which are contoured and with ribs and dots or the condoms with Strawberry Sundae flavour which are made with transparent latex and are wider at the top and are also lubricated with a sweet tasting silicone lubricant. And finally, the Blue condom, lubricated and blueberry scented.

User friendly, packed with gloss and glam, the quantity remains for you to select as we take orders in packs starting from a lowest of 4 units to even a 100 units! You just wish for it and we take it as a command to deliver to you what you ordered!


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