Safe love Increased in Lockdown 2020
Safe love Increased in Lockdown 2020 Indian population is growing every second and if it continues to grow at an equivalent rate, it can surpass that of China within the next few years. India ranks number 2 in the list of...
Lets Change our mind and respect women | Society, Rape case, mindset
Respect women   The mindset needs to change, India  India has mostly been a patriarchal society. It's the 21st century but there still exist men who think it's a society where the power rests with the men; where women are...
Vibrators, Wand, clitoral, g-spot, Dildo | Vibrators are awesome!
for sex Vibrators are awesome! They bring your fantasies alive and ride high. You experience the tides of pleasure and passion like never before. Especially if you’re a woman. Vibrators can bring value to a woman’s sex like because you’re as entitled to your ‘me time’ and pleasure as men are.