When I got on the bus on Monday, Neel recognized me and requested me to seat next to him. As soon as I sat down, he began whispering in hushed tones in my ear: What's up, baby? I had goose bumps all over my body and replied that everything was OK. He then inquired as to when we would finish what we had begun... I replied that I would enjoy it a lot but that I was too "tight" to have sex with him and that I needed more time to get "wider." He gave me another cheeky smile, put his hand on my leg, and said that he would bring me a small gift that would help me with this tomorrow; I glanced at him with interest, and I got off the bus after a few minutes.

When I got on the bus the next day, Neel waved for me to sit next to him, opened his briefcase, and took out a package for me, saying it was a gift to help me become more "relaxed." I thought it was strange, and I was going to open the package myself, but he said it was better for me to do it alone. When I came home at night, I couldn't resist the intrigue any longer, so I went to my room and opened the package, only to find a sex toy.

sex toy


To be accurate, the sex item in question was a toy. It was around 7 inches (18 cm) long and fairly thick, but not excessively so. I took a brief look at it, felt a bit embarrassed, and smiled a little embarrassed. I reasoned, "There's no getting around it now; I'm going to have to let him fuck my ass." I searched it up on the internet and discovered that, owing to GIZMOSWALA, I could "clean myself up." . I lay down on the bed to prevent anything from getting my newest " sex toy" dirty, which was strange, but I managed to clean myself up using a small bath hose that was part of the shower a short time later, there I was in my room, debuting my new toy, I laid down on the bed to prevent anything from getting my newest " sex toy" dirty, which was strange, but I managed to clean myself up using a small bath hose that was part of the . A but I couldn't get it in very well, so I taped it to the wall and started moving my buttocks around to get it in. I gasped of discomfort and pleasure as I went back and forth gently at first, then a bit faster, until I noticed that I had barely gotten the little head inside.

 When Neel asked if I liked the present the next day on the bus, I said yes, despite the fact that I couldn't even put half of it in. He gave a wicked little giggle and told me to relax, and that if I wanted, we could talk on the phone while I was trying to get the toy inside of me. That seemed incredible, so we set up an call, and he called me later that evening and we had a video call. . He urged me on, saying it would be enjoyable. He told me to take off all of my clothes and stand with my back to him, whom I did, and I began to hear the noise he produced while masturbating. He then instructed me to take the toy, spit on my hand, and lubes the rubber dick with it. He asked me to sit on the toy, which I did gently and began to groan. He urged me to start moving my hips up and down, which I did and began groaning, and then he said, "That's it...don't stop," in a thick voice that made me even more hornier. As I did the gestures, he urged me to look into his eyes. . He told me to go faster, so I did, I started to moan, he moaned, and then all of a sudden, he came, dirtying his entire chest, and he asked me to come for him, so I kept going faster and faster, groaning harder, and eventually I came, it was one of the sweetest sensations I'd ever experienced. "Now we can continue what we started," he said, giving me a knowing look.