Tongue Vibrator | The night of the luscious tongue

Tongue Vibrator | The night of the luscious tongue

Orgasms have always mystified me. Being a woman and belonging to the majority of the section  who just do not orgasm with only vaginal penetration, I realized soon enough that I needed reinforcements. But I always had my doubts about where exactly to start. If I sit and think about it, it was that one day when it was raining outside that I craved to feel something deep inside me, that I craved the intimacy which only I could give myself at a greater level. Masturbation was always an option but that fine day, it just wouldn't do. This is my story of finding the perfect way to self-satisfaction.

It used to frustrate me, this feeling of unfulfillingness. It's not like I never had sex... it's just that I didn't always enjoy it. Whenever At times when I was turned on, the feeling passed away as soon as it came. A boy and his penis were never enough to stimulate me and take me all the way. My friends told me I would understand what "actual orgasms" are when I found "the one". But that day watching the rain fall outside my window, I found myself asking, why must I wait for someone else to pleasure me? It was in my own hands. Wasn't it?

Turns out it was, it really was. All I needed was that urgent little urge to make me sit and do some research. I found almost instantly and figured it was a trusted and legit website. My new best friend was just waiting in there to be delivered to me...Svakom Echo Tongue-Shaped Clitoral Vibrator claimed my fancy after I had browsed through some more options. 'Foreolay vibrator', 'seductive tongue', 'infinite stimulation', these words were all new and exciting to me. I took a leap of faith and ordered it. I mean, how different can the experiencing of using a vibrator could be from having sex with a person?

But boy oh boy was my mind blown. No boy could have done what this little piece of wonder did. I had read that it was made from ultra-soft silicone but the tongue shaped clitoral stimulator felt nothing short of a real tongue! When a box arrived discreetly from I took the small and lightweight object out to inspect it. It felt smooth and sleek in my hand. Later I had just casually recharged it and taken my pants off to sit with my legs apart and use it, just to see what it felt like.

I switched it on and started rubbing it on my clitoris, and I must admit, this felt like a guilty pleasure to me. It didn't take much time for this wand to start working its magic. Within no time I was lying on the bed, my knees buckling with trepidation, my clitoris thriving for more and my hips moving up and down; my body was doing everything it could to make that smooth surfaced "tongue" keep pleasuring me. The vibrator was whisper quiet so I didn't think I would moan as loudly as I actually did. My toes curled and I panted when I finally orgasmed. And I orgasmed in the best possible way, fully satisfied but wanting more.

Not being able to move for about a minute after I was done, I brought the vibrator close to my face to look at it when I could finally move. It was wet with my anticipation. I brought my new little best friend to my mouth and gave it a small kiss, "Thank you" I whispered and grinned. This was no casual pleasure, this vibrator gives you the real deal. This was self pleasure at its best.

I haven't parted with Svakom Echo's Tongue-Shaped Clitoral Vibrator since then. This vibrator  is pretty handy and easy to use. I feel the rush of a quickie at times when I am using it, the shape and size is just so super convenient! This is what had attracted me to it in the first place! This vibrator makes me feel in control of my body. This petite object makes me happy, it gives so much pleasure I love it and I could absolutely never think of ever parting from it.

The night of the luscious tongue