Safe sex is good sex

Safe sex is good sex

Buying Condom online From In India: Usage, Types, Benefits and More
Safe sex is good sex, whoever said that is totally on point. It is very important to invest in condoms, if you are a sexually active individual you must have condoms in your possession, more so because not only do they keep you safe from unplanned childbirth and STD’s but makes sex super fun too.

Condoms are inexpensive, easy to find, extremely easy to use and dispose of and they help prevent sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy. They and can be enjoyed during oral, vaginal or anal sex and you should always put them on before intercourse. Not only do these prevent you from getting HIV but will help you have way better sex since they are already lubricated and the right type of condom can provide much pleasure to you and your partner also helping you stay longer before you climax.

Remember – if you’re not wearing a condom do not enter your partner without their consent.

Why Use a Condom?
The need to use condoms are really basic – Avoid unplanned pregnancy and stay away from Sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, although both of these are reason enough to always have one on you the best of all is that condoms lead to great sex. We kid you not, the present and future of condoms are bringing a sexy experience to you in the bedroom.

There are different types of condoms available today that makes intercourse more intense, help you prolong ejaculation and increases pleasure for you as well as your partner. All of that and you don’t get STD’s, Jackpot.

How Does It Work?
Male condoms are pretty easy to find and use as well, once the penis is erect the condom can be carefully rolled on to prevent semen from spilling inside your partner.

Condoms are cost-effective and compact with ease of access, you can get it at your nearest pharmacy or better yet order online where you can choose from a wide selection of brands, flavours, types on

Different Myths Associated with Using Condoms.
First and foremost, let’s bust some insane myths about the use of condoms, we are all well aware of the benefits most important of which of course is that they keep us safe, away from sexually transmitted diseases as well as unplanned pregnancies which are reasons enough to use condoms.

Here are a couple of myths that are associated with the use of condoms –

Rubber cannot protect from pregnancy or infections and how safe is condoms:
Condoms are not 100% but are very well the perfect barrier between you and any infections your partner may have (knowing or unknowingly), it also prevents semen from entering your partner which in turn very well avoids a pregnancy scare.

Condoms can be used even after the expiration date:
Do not believe this, the rubber loses its flexibility and tears easily if not used within the validity period. When you purchase condom online or even from a physical store always make sure to check the expiration date and use it within the period or discard it.

The most common myth is that using a condom will not give a satisfying feeling of sex:
untrue, condoms are designed to make sure that you enjoy to the fullest whilst taking all necessary precautions. The variations of ultra-thin condoms, ribbed condoms, dotted condoms are all example of how pleasurable sex can be even when you use a condom. (possibly more pleasurable than it would be without it as they also come lubricated)

Precaution You Should Take Before Buying Condom
Do what you do when you buy a medicine, check the expiration date first and foremost,
Before you use them, practice and read instruction or read article on tips of using condom, this is a very important step to not negate the point of actually using them.
Condoms can be used for both masturbation as well as partner play as they are already lubricated, make sure you know what your buying and get only the ones you are comfortable in using.
If you or your partner has a latex allergy avoid latex condoms entirely,
stick to water-based lubricants instead of oil-based to not tear the condom on use.
If you shift among oral, anal and vaginal sex use a new condom every single time and if you feel the condom is ripping or not staying on correctly dispose of it and wear a new one
Difference Types of Condom Sells
The easiest way to buy condoms is online, you can take your time to browse through your favourite brands, types, and flavours and buy what you and your partner will enjoy. We provide a selection of novelty condoms from the best and trusted brands, pick from the dotted condom or ribbed condoms for more friction and sexual sensation, ultra-thin condoms for the bare feeling and glow in the dark condoms, well for fun. What’s more is you can gorge on flavoured condoms to add that extra pleasure to your oral love, unending options of flavours from your regular and loved chocolate condom to exotic Pina colada, hazelnut, coffee, and green apple there is surely something for everyone here.

We love to make your experience better and with experimenting with different types of condoms from around the globe you can explore each other’s bodies as well as find out what works best for you, multiple orgasms? that’s just a win-win situation.

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