Naughty Is The New Nice

Naughty Is The New Nice


Palpitations of the heart aren't always a bad thing. I know because the excitement I feel when I see her is of the good kind. And the racing in my heart then, is nothing compared to the sense of adventure that follows within me every time we meet...I met her a few months ago on an online dating site and we just clicked! I think she liked me because I travel a lot. We talk about all the
places we have been to and then later, when we are alone, she takes me to all the places that I have never ever been to before I met her.


Being a businessman I always have to be assertive, I always have to know what I want and what my next steps should be. But in the bedroom with her, she is the boss. She takes my clothes off one by one and uses that whip on me that makes me groan with pleasure. Some days when she is in the mood, we bring out the ropes and the handcuffs and she ties me up.
"Who's been a bad boy?" She whispers in my ears while fondling my dick. I can just about do anything at that moment that she asks me to.



I look at her wearing leather and looking like a vision of divine hotness and I consider myself lucky to just be there with her. But this Saturday, when she tortured me by touching herself and rubbing her clit vigorously while I stayed tied and moaned for her, she put the eye mask on me because I was being a naughty boy... asking to be let loose so that I could fuck her before she wanted me to. She put the mask on me and put my dick in her mouth, sucking hard. And then she sat on me and I was in heaven.



I had never really known this side of myself before I met her. I don't even know what I was expecting when I signed up for an online dating app. I swiped right on her because she was cute. We had a few common interests so I figured we would have a nice time together. Ever since our first date I have been hooked. She is just something else! 

BDSM came into picture when we were in bed one day and she turned to me to say, just like that, "I have a whip." I didn't know what to say. Did she want to use it on me? Did she want me to use it on her? I grinned and asked what else was she hiding from me. And that was it. Gradually and eventually we started exploring every kink we shared. We really did have a lot of
things in common. Starting from dressing up for a roleplay to trying up new sexual positions...there was no stopping us.


I think we finally found our ultimate kink when we came across the BDSM kit in this website called Best sex toys website online and ordered it. It included almost everything we needed and quite a few other things that we loved experimenting with. The package arrived discreetly enough but later, she screamed with ecstasy, all night. She just always had to be the one on top...with her whip in hand and my wish to please her in any way possible, even if I had to plead for it. I try to be a good boy, because believe me, the rewards I get for it are the very best of kinds.