Lube: A Special Product for a Special Night.

I was as excited as a girl in love could be. I woke up early in the morning and sat about

preparing myself... washing my hair, shaving my legs and trying out the lingerie that I bought

especially for this occasion. I was finally going to meet him after two whole months! I wanted

this day to be special.

I was to meet him in the evening and then we would spend the night at a hotel. After our

romantic candlelit dinner we went to the hotel and while I was entering the room I realized I had

not taken care of something extremely important...I had completely forgotten about my

'problem'. Nobody understands how important lubricant actually is for sex as much as I do.

I had always felt a little dry even when I was extremely turned on. Whenever I had sex, the

dryness in my vagina was a major turn-off, even for me, and it would often lead to unsatisfying

sex. Of all days, this isn't what I wanted that day at all. I was nervous now and was fidgeting. He

noticed it when we were entering our room and asked me what was wrong. I went to the bed,

fell face down on it and said I had completely forgotten about lube. I thought I would find a look

of disappointment on his face but when I looked up at him, he was smiling.

"I know how forgetful you are" he said and I grinned thinking how all day I had been running

around to get this and that done, only so we could make this night as special as we can. "So I

got something for you." He said and came to lie down next to me. And there it was, a little box

for me to open. Inside the box were things that I loved and adored, some chocolates, a perfume,

the long stemmed red rose that he always gave me whenever we met and this other box

containing...Durex Play massage gel. I saw the box was delivered discreetly from a website

called My face lit up when I saw that as I had checked the website myself

and was pretty impressed with the collection of lubes and gels they had to offer. In the delivered

box was a cute little red bottle containing a 2 in 1 massage gel plus lube.

"Sensual…" I grinned and read further what was written on the bottle, "intimate lube and

massage gel with seductive Yiang Yiang" I laughed seeing how amused it made him that I was

reading what was written with such enthusiasm. I stopped laughing and kissed him then. When

we came up for air I whispered, "I am so glad you remembered to bring this. I hope with all my

heart that this works."

"I would get only the very best for you baby" he said and we kissed each other again. Not long

after we were naked and it was time to use the gel. 'Let's see if it is any good' I wondered and

took a small portion of it on my hands to apply but he took the bottle and poured it inside me

while I instantly felt a soothing sensation. He then used his tongue to spread the gel all over my

clit and the aroma itself was arousing me! My vaginal dryness and discomfort had vanished just

like that and the newfound smoothness of my vagina that this gel provided enticed me to go on

and on.

Just because it was a 2 in 1 massage gel he also applied some of it all over my body while I lay

there enjoying myself. My skin felt soft and silky and I felt adventurous beyond words! We were

experiencing having sex like never before! We orgasmed almost together after a hot session

and later when I was sitting on the bed naked, wrapped in his arms, I saw that this gel was also

safe to use with sex toys!

"Wow..." I said, "...this sure is a wonder product."

"Would you like to go one more time to see exactly how smooth this can get?" He playfully

asked me. I was so aroused by this successful experiment that I opened the lube and applied it

while fingering myself. I wanted this wonderful experience again and again!

"Let's do this!" I said and got up to sit on top of him. We wouldn't be getting any sleep that

special night, I was absolutely sure of that.