Masturbator cup - It's Like You Never Left

Masturbator cup - It's Like You Never Left 


I miss her so much. I miss her face. I miss holding her hands. I miss her being beside me on our bed. She had to go out of town for three months for an assignment and I was alone, in our home, missing her terribly as if she had been gone forever. We video-called every single night
but I kept asking her to just come home already. She called me a big baby and laughed. Oh God, I also missed her laugh. But I was wrong to think she would just let me mope for all those three months. My baby had a surprise for me!

"You might get a delivery tomorrow," she said on the call one night.

"Did you order something?" I asked, thinking if she ordered yet another package of books, her to-be-read pile keeps growing.

"It's not booked" she replied as if reading my mind. I grinned at her. Soul mates do exist.

"What is it then?" A coffee cup? Groceries? A plant to keep me company?

"It's a sex toy from a website called Gizmoswala only sextoy store." She said and all my attention immediately snapped back to our conversation.

"A what?" I asked, my eyes big.

"I ordered it for you. It's made from silicone and safe to use."

"Baby…" I started to say.

"I can't bear the thought of you moping around all day and just constantly missing me so much."

I gave her a look.

"I also have a job, you know?" I said it but I did miss her and moped all day about it.

"I need you to think about me when you use it." She said with a pout. "It will be like I am there
with you." Now, how could I ignore a request coming from someone as sexy as that?

When it arrived, and the delivery was discreet, I couldn't believe that she had actually sent me this. Who does that? Her. Obviously. I went to and checked the website
and the products. I figured there was nothing wrong with having some I started thinking about her. I thought about everything that we do together. How we kiss or where I like to touch her. I thought about her naked in bed with me and suddenly I wanted her, badly. I took the cup and started thrusting my cock in it after it was hard. She likes to talk dirty and make me hard. She likes to play with my cock with her tongue. The mini Masturbator cup felt as tight and smooth as her. I felt like I was inside her mouth. I didn't have to work hard to think about
her, it felt like she was with me already. The cup felt so real! I felt I was inside her! The pleasure was satisfyingly complete.


Masturbator cup - It's Like You Never Left