Birthday sex | Awesome Condoms

Birthday sex | Awesome Condoms

This is a story from last Winter. It was my husband’s 31st birthday and I surprised him with a weekend in nature. I Booked Premium Suit on my one of the favorite hotel near beach. We took our photography equipment, and I ordered sexy lingerie and Awesome Condoms from and made the short road trip to our weekend location.

It was a pretty Amazing room with the sea view It was just perfect.

The room had a hot tub. It was absolutely beautiful. As sunset approached, we got into the hot tub with whiskey and wine glasses in hand.

We spent a few hours drinking, listening to a playlist I made of all of my husband’s favorite music, and talking. As time passed, we went from sitting across from each other to sitting next to each other. Then we started making out. I was straddling him.

First, my bikini top came off. He was kissing me all over. It felt so good, I was completely naked, he was completely naked, and we were inseparable – he was squeezing and sucking my boobs. I was stroking his hard cock.

But water is not the easy place for penis-in-vagina sex (at least we haven’t figured out how to do it comfortably) so eventually, we made a run for it back into the room.

He Closed the door and he pinned me up against a wall. I swaddle my legs around him and he slipped inside of my wet pussy. He moved me to the floor. We changed positions – I was bent over the floor while he was going hard from behind.

In our drunken and stoned states, we were literally all over the place. For a few minutes, we were on the couch. Then, a chair. Before long, we were on the floor in the living room and I was bouncing on top of him. He motioned for me to move and he flipped me over to be underneath him.

I love how it feels when he goes as deep as he can, and I had my legs wrapped around him moving my hips up so he could be as deep inside of me as possible. He told me he was about to come, as it was protected sex with some fancy condom, I told him to come inside.

I felt him pulsing inside of me and filling me. We were exhausted, both out of breath. We kissed and cuddled for a while then took a shower, kissing and touching each other the entire time. We took turns washing each other all over. Once we were clean, we go to the bedroom for round two.

I gave him the best blow job he’d ever had (he told me this) I loved it because condom had Irish cream flavored. it was an awesome condom Then. he flipped me over and said he would love to make me feel as good as I made him feel. He proceeded to suck on my clit and kiss, lick and suck me all over until I came.

The next morning, we woke up horny again. I bounced on him until he came inside of me for the third time that weekend. Then we eat his birthday cake for breakfast.