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Sex Stories To Get You REALLY Turned On 


1. She was wearing nothing but helper bunny lingerie My handles for the night-when I arrived. So I grabbed a hold and rode her like a dirty Cowboy trying to break a wild horse until the sun came up.


2.Starved, he spread his breakfast on the table unwrapped. As he took a bite, his breakfast moaned.


3.We were sitting on the couch one average night when my libido started screaming from within. I ripped the remote out of his hands, jerked his soft, startled cock to erection, then wiggled out of My panties and mounted him.



4. Every inch of her body smelled like sex. She would moan what she wanted me To do to her and I would obey, happily acting as her sex slave whenever she wanted.


5. He grabbed my ass cheeks, lifted me up, and carried me down the street, the bulge of his crotch teasing my vagina just enough to get me sopping wet.



6. When she saw me, she slid her hand down her abdomen slowly until it was between her thighs and started playing with her clit vibrator, delicate but determined, as if instructing me. I stripped off all my cloths as fast as possible to join in the action before she could make herself climax.