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what do we do?

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Why enter this business?

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How are we bridging the GAP?

We have created FATI (Federation of Adult Toys Industry) a forum where all the stakeholders including Doctors , Communities, Teachers , Business & the Government can come together on a common platform and discuss the issues and work towards finding solutions. This marketplace will become the One Stop Solution for all Sexual Wellness needs of the medical fraternity

Conducting Webinars for Women & Psychology students by Sexologists/Psychologists through various Wellness groups on Facebook (Women/LGBTQ/Youth)

Working on a nationwide study on usage & benefits of Sexual Wellness Products in the country Ref: Case Studies & the findings shall be printed in the medical papers nationally /internationally)

We have a Govt. of India certification in this space, thus breaking the myth surrounding the legality of the Business of Adult Toys.

Sexual Wellbeing:
These products help tackle Sexual Boredom in married couples by adding variety to their sexual routines.

Self pleasure products help reducing Mental Frustration.

Sexual satisfaction has a positive impact on an individuals physical and emotional well being.

These products offer SAFE sex, and hence lesser chances of Infections.

Breaking Taboo:
The Psychologist on our panel works very closely with the LGBTQ community & are a part of the Business Forum called BNI to educate and create awareness.

We deliver products to Cancer Patients, HIV Patients, Acid Survivor Victims and continue to deal with trauma victims.

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