4 Sex Toys For Enhanced Erections And Earth-Shattering Orgasms

Learn how sex toys can treat sexual dysfunction or spice up your sex life with enhanced erections, delayed ejaculation and amazing, earth-shattering orgasms.

A lot of couples in India are dissatisfied with their sex lives either due to the man suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) or the woman being unable to achieve orgasm.

What many couples don’t realize is that this frustration can be easily avoided with the use of sex toys that can give him enhanced erections and give her amazing orgasms. So if your sex life has been in a rut, you can revive it using these xxx toys.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is sometimes called impotence, which is the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. In India, more than 10 million men are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction every year and this can often be a lifelong disability.

Almost all men experience ED occasionally, especially during times of stress, illness or fatigue. It can cause low self-confidence in men, putting the relationship under immense stress and strain.

Imagine how many marriages can be saved by using the technological marvels known as sex toys, especially if treatment for the underlying physical and psychological conditions doesn't help.

4 Types Of Sex Toys For Enhanced Erections And Amazing Orgasms

Here are 4 types of sex toys that can help you treat sexual dysfunction and revive your sex life:

  1. Penis Pumps

Many men use sex accessories, such as penis pumps, to give them powerful erections. The Pretty Love Alexander HandPump is a penis enlargement vacuum pump that is placed over the penis and creates a vacuum to increase penis size.

You will simply have to insert the penis in the transparent tube and press the air lever to check how the air level increases and your erection gets more powerful.

If you’re a man who worries that you can’t pleasure your partner because your penis size is too small, the Beginner Power Pump Penis Enlargement Vaccum Pump can turn your dream of having a huge erection into reality. 

  1. Cock Rings or Penis Rings

Another sex toy that can help you maintain an erection for longer periods is the penis ring or the cock ring. Many of these amazing sex toys are also battery-powered for powerful vibrations that intensify your pleasure.

A cock ring or cockring is a ring worn at the base of the penis to restrict the flow of blood in order to create a stronger erection or to maintain one for longer.

A penis ring should never be worn for over 30 minutes as this can be dangerous and cause damage to your penis. For this reason, you should never use drugs or fall asleep while using a cock ring.

Also make sure you use a lot of lubricant gel when putting on the penis ring and taking it off or you’ll end up pulling your hair and skin (ouch!). Here are some excellent cock rings that will be fun to try out.

The Pretty Love Trap is a soft and stretchy silicone cock ring that can give you better erections by keeping your cock firm and erect while delaying ejaculation and intensely stimulating your partner’s clitoris for amazing orgasms.

This cock ring comes with a removable bullet that can be controlled with an easy push button. It is expandable and adapts to all penis sizes.

The Pretty Love Julie is a vibrating cock ring that can help you if you tend to orgasm quickly or have difficulty maintaining an erection. It has a built-in vibrator, allowing you and your partner to both reap the orgasmic benefits.

Many men love anal play because it massages the prostate to give you earth-shaking orgasms. If you’re a man who loves anal play, you’ll love the Pretty Love Eudora, a rechargeable and waterproof cock ring and massager that has a unique tickling feature designed to stimulate and entice.

If you and your partner have a sense of humour and love to have a laugh in the bedroom, you can check out Hustler Fundies Choke the Chicken Thong.

This funny sex toy underwear is made up of a few black elastic straps and a caricature choking a penis. It’s an amusing sex toy to help start your bedroom adventures in a relaxed frame of mind.

The Calexotic Senso 6 Pak Pleasure Ring is a cock ring that helps you maintain and delay your erection for a longer time to enhance stimulation for you and your partner. Another penis ring you can try is the Pretty Love Teasing Cock Ring.

  1. Vibrators

It’s not just men who experience sexual dysfunction. Many women have trouble reaching orgasm, which can make intercourse very disappointing for them.

If you’re a woman who knows how frustrating that feels, don’t give up hope just yet, because we’ve got a whole range of vibrating sex toys that can help you have mind-blowing orgasms, either with your partner or by yourself.

The SVAKOM Mini Emma Flexible Ultra Soft Clitoris Wand Vibrator has an Intelligent Mode that imitates sexual intercourse by producing varied frequency experiences and powerful, pleasurable and long-lasting vibrations that last for up to 2 hours.

This rechargeable, 100% waterproof wand vibrator is made using environmentally-friendly, body-safe silicone material and fits easily in your handbag and carryon luggage so you can travel with it.

Another exciting sex toy for women is the SVAKOM ELLA Mobile-controlled Wearable Bluetooth Vaginal Vibrating Bullet Egg with App, an innovative vibrating bullet egg with intelligent features and ribbed design for better stimulation.

This whisper-quiet sex toy connects to your phone with Bluetooth so you can have fun with your phone by using the app to play with different intensities from sexy teasing to multiple orgasms. You can also control it with the button located on the vibrator.

The SVAKOM Cici Soft Flexible Finger Vibrator is a soft and flexible finger vibrator that helps with G-spot stimulation. Being longer than most G-Spot vibrators it is capable of helping you achieve mind-blowing multiple orgasms.

Made from medical level silicone, with 3-layer noise reduction technique, this rechargeable vibrator for women can be fully-charged in only 2 hours and provide 4 hours of continuous pleasure.

The SVAKOM Vesperstrong Dual Motor Warming Vibrator has 11 colorful vibrating modes, a heating function and dual motors for strong vibrations that double your pleasure.

The climax mode and clitoris and G-spot stimulator make it the most desirable sex toy for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm. It is easy to clean, made of eco-friendly materials and can be recharged through the USB cable.

Another vibrator that's taking the internet by storm is the SVAKOM Siime Video Camera Vibrator (also known as the Sex Selfie Stick Vibrator). This unique sex toy comes with a built-in camera with illumination for endoscopic exploration.

Whether you love long-distance phone sex over Apple Mac 'FaceTime' or want to share the view with your lover in the same room, the video camera on this sex toy will give him a clear view of your internal contours and response during stimulation.

With 6 speeds and vibrating functions plus 'Intelligent vibration mode' for automatic gradual escalation, this whisper-quiet rechargeable vibrator with 8 hours of play time is also 100% waterproof for shower or bathtub pleasure.

If you’re looking for a unisex vibrator, the SVAKOM Cici Soft Flexible Curved Finger G-Spot & Anal Prostate Vibrator is the choice for you.

With its natural 30-degree curved ergonomic handle it can bend from 1 to 180 degrees, helping you locate the C-spot, U-spot, G-spot, A-spot and even the P-spot effortlessly.

This small, whisper-quiet, eco-friendly sex toy comes with 5 different strong vibration modes, is perfect for travelling, and can be recharged through the USB cable.

The Pretty Love August is a soft, user-friendly, silicone vibrator that is 100% waterproof, easy to clean and can be repeatedly used with lubricant. You can control this sex toy with your Smartphone.

The Dave Flirt Vibrator is a luxurious, rechargeable, body-safe, silicone, inside and outside stimulation vibrator with 12 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation roll.

There are many more vibrators like the SVAKOM Echo Tongue-Shaped Clitoral Stimulator that’s ideal for foreplay, and the Realistic Silicon Vibrator (Pink) with Leather WHIP for Women to add a bit of kink to your sex life.

Here are some more vibrators for sale in our xxx shop:

Whether you’re looking for lesbian toys, solo pleasure or couple pleasure, these adult products can help you get off anywhere, anytime.

  1. Male Masturbators

Do you travel a lot and miss the feel of your wife’s Indian vagina? You can carry a male masturbator like the Hedy Male Stroker by Svakom to keep you both satisfied on your long-distance phone sex calls.

The male stroker looks like an egg and can be carried anywhere discreetly. With an inner structure that feels like a tight sex pussy, it will keep you thrusting till you’re completely satisfied.

This male masturbator is made of ultra-soft body safe material for a skin-like touch and is best used with a high-quality lube. Wash it with clean water and store it after using it five times.

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